Riceball Moster
Rbm 0
CATEGORY Artificial
SPECIAL SKILL HP Restore- Heals the HP of the player.

Riceball Monster is a pet that is available in Pockie Ninja. It is not really a rare pet, but will possibly heal the player, making it a very useful pet.

In-Game FormsEdit

Rbm 0

The First Form

The first form of the Riceball Monster is a very basic pet, looking just like a Japanese sushi snack. This form lasts at the +0 synthesis till +9, until it changes to the different form. While still in the form, it can learn the Healing Skill, starting from +6 onwards.

Nrbm 9

The second form of the Riceball Monster has added details, though still looking like a Japanese sushi snack. You can get the form at +9 till +18, where it becomes the third form.

Nrbm 18
The final form of the Riceball Monster gives it a lot of added details, holding a fan, and making it have a more human-like physique than the rest.

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