The Thunder Village situated in the far west and deep in a forest. Lightning flashes and thunders rumbles frequently all year around, lightning will hit trees like a flying dragon at any time. The unique natural environment helps to shape the agility and quick reaction capability.

Lightning VillageEdit

The Lightning Village is one of the 5 villages you can be a part of, this village unlocks the following places (see table below).


Area Level Notes
Demon City NaN Village
Angel City NaN Village
Peaked Whetstone Lv. 1 Always unlocked - Lightning Village exclusive
Thundering Steps Lv. 11 Lightning Village exclusive
Crossroads Lv. 16
Holywood Range Lv. 21 Lightning Village exclusive
Eerie Passage Lv. 26
Dawning Wilds Lv. 31
Surprise Village Lv. 36
Glowing Forest Lv. 41
Abandoned Evernight City Lv. 46
Soulshatter Valley Lv. 51
Marsh of Death Lv. 56
Plains of Dispair Lv. 61
Dragontame Valley Lv. 66
Dragontame Forest Lv. 71
Dragontame Coast Lv. 81
Amegakure Lv. 88

Lightning village

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