Skill Name: Crystal Blade

Skill Picture:Crystal


Skill Effect:create a crystal to seal the enemy and clear enemy's fire release status; the crystal will break at the next attack, a hit of icebreaking can cause 2 times damage.

Duration:Till next attack

Launch Timing:Your action


Proc-rate (cast chance):26%


Chakra Consumption:88 points

Description:turn Chakra into ice and shoot it to freeze the enemy.

In game pic:

Crystal blade info

Additional infoEdit

Damage: Crystal Blade does limited damage in certain scenarios.

- Attacker AB exceed Enemy Defense: First CB does 1 damage, subsequent +1 each time

- Enemy Defense exceed Attacker AB: First CB does 0 damage, subsequent +1 each time

- Critical Hit: Crystal Blade can Critical for double damage (1 > 2, 2 > 3, etc.)

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