The crossroads as the name suggest is located on the center of the mainland, and trails off into 9 different paths with 5 of those paths leading into villiages, 2 leading to the Glowing Forest and Dawning wild, 1 leading into Angel City, and another leading into an unreleased area.

The crossroads located in the center of the mainland


The crossroads has 5 different types of monsters from levels 17-25 each monster is 2 levels ahead of another with the strongest monster being Shadow Bat which is a level 25 boss monster.

Monsters in the Crossroads
Monster Name Level Exp Stones Treant 17 72 13
Maneater 19 84 14
Longfeather 21
Chevalier 23
Shadow Bat [BOSS] 25


Lady Feng

Master Yuan

Team Stone

Ninja House

Crossroads exploration zone

Slot machine


Special EventsEdit

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